About Me

Hello to whoever clicked on this section. It's a little weird writing about myself and my journey.

Before COVID, I wanted to be a Computer Engineer. Not because I loved everything about computer but because I wanted to make a lot of money. Even though COVID messed up everyone's life, it helped me realized what I wanted to do with my life. Music really helped me get through a depressing part of my life. My prom, senior activities, and graduation were canceled. One thing COVID didn't get in the way of was the new music I fell in love with. I knew during that time, I wanted to give that same feeling that I had when listening to music to someone else. I want people to appreciate life and what it offers. I wanted to be a Radio DJ host. I graduated from Bryan Adams High School with honors back in 2020 with Radio broadcast in mind.

I started my college career at Dallas College and got a lot of exposure to what the broadcast field is and isn't. I completed all my basics, graduated with my associate degree in arts, General, and transferred to The University of Texas at Arlington.

Attending UTA has opened a lot of opportunities for me. After taking "Radio Production," I joined UTA Radio.com back in October 2022 as one of their Advanced DJ's and became the Music Director in January 2024. I have my very 2-hour show where I play Hip-Hop/R&B music and current entertainment news. I also attend remotes to promote the station and give free UTA Radio swag out to people.

Because of the tools that UTA provides, I've made advertisements, videos, and even made a podcast with my 2 closest friends. I'm having a blast learning new applications like WideOrbit, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, and so much more. I graduated from UTA with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication and a certificate in Digital Media.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis