About Me

Hello to whoever clicked on this section. It's a little weird writing about myself and my journey.

Before COVID, I wanted to be a Computer Engineer. Not because I loved everything about computer but because I wanted to make a lot of money. Even though COVID messed up everyone's life, it helped me realized what I wanted to do with my life. Music really helped me get through a depressing part of my life. My prom, senior activities, and graduation were canceled. One thing COVID didn't get in the way of was the new music I fell in love with. I knew during that time, I wanted to give that same feeling that I had when listening to music to someone else. I want people to appreciate life and what it offers. I wanted to be a Radio DJ host. I graduated from Bryan Adams High School with honors back in 2020 with Radio broadcast in mind.

I started my college career at Dallas College and got a lot of exposure to what the broadcast field is and isn't. I completed all my basics, graduated with my associate degree in arts, General, and transferred to The University of Texas at Arlington.

Attending UTA has opened a lot of opportunities for me. After taking "Radio Production," I joined UTA Radio.com back in October 2022 as one of their Advanced DJ's and became the Music Director in January 2024. I have my very 2-hour show where I play Hip-Hop/R&B music and current entertainment news. I also attend remotes to promote the station and give free UTA Radio swag out to people.

Because of the tools that UTA provides, I've made advertisements, videos, and even made a podcast with my 2 closest friends. I'm having a blast learning new applications like WideOrbit, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, and so much more. I'm on track to graduate with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Communication in May of 2024.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis